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Silverline Videos paint 10,000 words... try our YouTube research...

If a picture paints a thousand words then how many does a video paint?
 Time is so incredibly precious to people. We are in control of it and we hate when it s wasted, so why bore your fans and followers with long text updates?
 Video significantly increases engagement and sharing on Social Media, in fact they have the most organic reach of any type of Social Post.
 'You can navigate YouTube in a total of 76 different languages!' (covering 95% of the Internet population). (YouTube 2016)
 We've created a simple to use content research tool that allows you to easily find and schedule YouTube videos for your audience.
 If you'd like to get going straight away, log in to your dashboard then click 'Research' then 'YouTube' and get searching for what your fans and followers want to see.
 If you're looking to boost your marketing but not sure where to turn, videos can add a whole new dimension to your Social Media Marketing. It offers you the chance to engage with your audience visually meaning they are not only more likely to share or Retweet, they will like and follow!
 To find out more www.silverlinemanager.com and login, you ll land on our Social Dashboard.

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Save time on your social with Google News

Have you been struggling to find great news, articles, and stories to share on your social media pages? The great news is that we've made it easy with the Google News Search in our content research tool (You can find it under 'Research' in the social media dashboard).
 With just a few clicks and simple search terms, you could be posting some really engaging, relevant and current content to your followers. Sharing relevant articles and news stories with a simple comment is a great way to spice up your social pages and participate in the online conversation.
 But wait, it gets even better: If you find a really great search term you can save it and use it again to find more fresh content that gets your social feeds buzzing. Made with easy use in mind, the Google News Search feature makes finding great content a breeze.
 To learn more about this great feature, take a look at our social training section which includes a handy guide on how to get started:
 With our Google content research feature, you'll never need to spend hours crawling the web for the best content again!
 To find out more www.silverlinemanager.com and login, you ll land on our dashboard.
 Silverline Networks LLC

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How Effective are the Videos in Promoting and Enhancing your Online Presence?

The fast changing technology is giving us the chance to adopt newer concepts of growth into our business arena. Today, the website is not just an online portal where you can find the texted material along with some pictures to give it a look. It is much more than just look since the websites of modern world are incorporated with so many components of digital world that they are becoming a must tool for marketing of your business and brand recognition. A modern website has multiple options to offer the customers with variety of useful tools to enhance their online presence. For example, there are info graphics, call action buttons, audio buttons, streaming options, video buttons, and widgets, animated banners, linking to other sites and within the entire website.
 But there has been a recent trend among the website masters to use animated videos to promote their business brand. The reason probably is the increase in bandwidth and reduction in video production cost. The videos are being readily used by almost every website to communicate with the customers and prospects. The shift from text to images and now to videos reveals that it is easier to communicate with audio and visual medium instead of any one of them. Video messages are persuasive and thus are the quickest way to send information to the targeted audience.
 Videos give a direct two way response with the business owners to consumers. Also you feel more reliability in having a live conversation with the consumers. As far as product description is concerned, videos can give the best 3D description of the product and satisfy the customers from different perspectives. It enables to let a child of as old as 6 years understand your product and service. Even the illiterate adults can get to know the purpose of your video message. Thus it has a wider outreach.
 Businessmen are adopting the video presentations these days to promote their business ideas through success stories, product launch videos and advertisement

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B2B: Analytical Assessment of its Advantageous Side

When a company distributes its goods to another company without involving the customers, it is termed as B2B (Business to Business). It is readily used in the e-commerce industry today as the business owners want to expand their e-commerce capabilities on a multichannel experience. Alternately we can say B2B implies that both the seller and the buyers are business corporations.
 How is B2B Business advantageous?
 Business to Business transaction is carried out through the internet and it covers all types of organizations in the world. This also includes business-business shopping and sales as well as provision of various services. With the advancement of technology with each and every day, it has gained momentum in the business and commerce world.
 1. B2B improves speed, cost and accuracy of the business transactions.
 2. B2B improves relationships among trading partners. The accuracy in data makes it possible for suppliers to ensure accurate and timely shipments to their customers while reducing the expenses of returned shipments of incorrect products. The higher level of customer service tends to attract new customers and increase the volume of existing customer orders
 3. B2B promotes the awareness and spread of data throughout the business cycle. It makes everyone aware of abilities to monitor the customer s customer, track vendor or transportation carrier performance, better understand product availability etc.
 4. B2B ensures improvised planning and execution in the business. Suppliers can process orders quicker and shipments can be scheduled accordingly, while the manufacturer can anticipate quicker receipt of goods and schedule manufacturing tasks accordingly. It also improves the cash flow in the company.
 5. B2B enables reduction of overhead costs, eliminating human handling in such areas as mailroom sorting and circulation, clerical document preparation, data entry, telecommunication etc. it reduces costs for storage spaces for papers used in the business

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