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You get an awesome social media management platform for your brand, that will make you a social media superstars. Get tons of benefits, and promote your brands on a daily basis to social media. Schedule all your social posts for any time in the future, access a library of pre-prepared social content and create stunning visual posts with over 60 templates Use our stock photographs included in the platform to design your posts. There's also Hashtag Research, Content Research and much, much more to supercharge your use of social media.
 All social media interaction is in one place with a simple login and easy to use dashboard which works smoothly on desktop, tablet & mobile. Easily find relevant and engaging content, create high impact image posts with zero Photoshop experience and schedule it all in advance
 Compliance Engine
 A region specific customisable compliance engine scans all outgoing social media messages for words, phrases and any potential income or health claims that break an organisation s social media compliance guidelines. Educational warnings and auditing systems create the industry s first pro-active solution to social media compliance.
 Mobile Functionality
 Dashboards are designed to work on iOS and Android devices. With all the same functionality users can manage their social media, snap, edit and upload lifestyle images to all of their social media accounts on the go.
 Image Creator
 Utilising pre-loaded customisable templates, brand images, stickers and logos loaded into the system users can easily create their own professional looking marketing collateral for online and print.

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 Suggested Messages
 Brand influenced pre-written social media messages give social media novices a way to get started with online marketing allowing members and brands to be confident in
 online messaging.
 Connect Social Media Accounts
 Users can connect all of their social media accounts, groups and pages in one place and schedule online messages to go out at the date and time they decide. This significantly reduces the time required to post on every social media platform every-day and create success on social media.
 Asset Libraries
 Region specific image and video libraries allow users to access all the latest images and videos that your organisation has to offer. Users can access assets for editing or they can be added into suggested messages to create great social media posts.

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Social Media Manager Platform
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